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EUCOSSA two day Hackathon -a memoir

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Tweeps on Friday last week,the Computer Science ¬†Student Association (EUCOSSA) held a Hackathon at the EUCOSSA Hub which went on the whole night till late Saturday even.Hackathon?Whats the hell is this?Ok.For dummies a hackathon -a name derived from two words,Hacker-i guess you know what is hacking or just Google,the latter is the best,then Marathon-a race… thus when rephrased by #nerds its then called hackathon.An event in which¬†computer programmers¬†and others involved in¬†software development¬†with an ultimate goal to bring solutions to some of the problems we face in life.-A nice introduction i guess.

#eucossathon event

#eucossathon event

The hackthon was dubbed “The Last Debug”,this was all in dedication to all the CS¬†finalist¬†in campus.The issues to be covered were based on the Egerton Campus Life .We grouped ourselves and each group chose a software to implement on such categories like:

  • A software to improve communication and¬†interaction¬†among the University¬†Fraternity
  • A software to enhance entertainment within Egerton University

I got into a group of around 9 members,of whom some were ¬†dummy programmers,just to be honest-i like the fact that they all stayed the whole night.Our group developed an online¬†interaction¬†system branded Egercity-Thanks to our lead programmer @BryanTirohp and all members ¬†for¬†each member’s contribution was worth while¬†applauding.

We had 4 groups in total,where each group had about 6-9 members each.The apps created that two day hackathon were;

#geeks coding

#geeks coding

  • PartyHunt-Helps you to get informed of where you can check in for parties
  • Egercity-An interative system between the Lectures and students
  • NotBuk-An online Notice board
  • Findout-An online lost and found portal and interactive system.

Btw,this was all a competition where the best group was to walk away 4000/= plus a Eucossa T-shirt! The second best won¬†3000/= ,while the third group took home 2000/=.This was worthwhile coding for,easy cash…

Very group had the hope of winning the same,so  trending #eucossathon #eucossaFriday was left to the judges @moffatmn @dmabiria and @nellynyakan1 as  were put into task programming.However some #geeks were unable to put up,even after the cool music playing at the background,maybe it was all due to too much coffee + code #coffeeConnoisseur.

Too much coffee+code

Too much coffee+code

Dawn met us,and we paused for clean up,and to brush up our apps for presentation later on the day.I couldn’t believe how i managed all that for hours-power behind Caffeine.

During the apps presentation,the judging criteria was;

  • Functionality of our app
  • The graphical user interface-how¬†appealing¬†was the app.
  • Database tables relationships
  • etc

Pitching wasn’t an easy task,shaky at first then adopted the niche.The questions were an avoidable-all you needed was to work smart.After the presentation,the moment awaited came,the winners were announced as;

  1. Egercity-took the first place!
  2. Notbuk-ranked second best
  3. Findout -took the 3rd place.

The Group two guys conceded defeat instantly,i liked that.

A tweet just after Egercity won

A tweet just after Egercity won

Then there was a great talk from our guest Mr Agosta Liko,the CEO of PesaPal and¬†Verviant.¬†Key Success Drivers —> Big three #Education #Experience #Exposure.This was ¬† awesome @AgostaL, thanks:-)

We faced wee challenges like a low turnout from the ladies and the finalists,few people knew programming and to some,it was there first time to spend a night staring at a bright screen-Programming.

Thus i recommend out there if you are in Egerton University and you are a techie,Join us,EUCOSSA-Innovation and Creativity.(@eucossa)

As i pen off,i wish to thank  our judges @moffatmn @dmabiria @nellynyakan1 and your guest judge @AgostaL,you judged farely. Also many thanks to all who came and participated on the same,you made the hackathon a success.Also not to forget the Chairman of the Computer Science department,Dr Gikaru for the support he has given EUCOSSA in promoting technology in Egerton University.

Kind regards.

Laban Ndwaru-The outgoing Eucossa Chairperson.


  1. bizbrum says:

    I love the new term coffeeconnoseur

  2. labanish says:

    nice move:-)

  3. Ronald Osure says:

    Much respect EUCOSSA crew! Proud of you guys. When we started out with coding competitions back then we would only get 2 or 3 participants and they would all merely by participating be prize winners. Now I see you have a high number of interested coders and probably competition is stiff. Keep it up!

  4. labanish says:

    Thanks Osure,even for pioneering the same here at Egerton.

  5. sinzore says:

    I was also new in coding though i had ideas concerning html n javascript n also i aint a computer scientist bt i was happy to learn the knew techniques n also spend time wth the fabulous eucossa members.Big ups to you all coz that night,was one of a kind

  6. labanish says:

    Thanks Sinzore,welcome to the techie space…be attending the eucossa events to learn new and fresh ideas :-)

  7. Kimani says:

    waou! what a flaring piece. keep on keeping on.

  8. labanish says:

    I will.Thank you sir:-)

  9. brown says:

    Amazing work,check amazing books related to your work at .http://www.booksfromus.co.ke/

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