Of random travels & thoughts…

It’s so dull being in one place. When you have no one to tell “excuse me…” or say “thank you…” or toddlers staring at you and you have to smile at them back and see them flinching. 😊

Bath Spa Railway Station

That’s me atimes. I just walked on the train station and decided to go to a destination unknown to me, just to experience some fresh air and see new people, architecture and city most visited spots.

Creativity 😍

Unknown to me is that everyone is just doing the same thing! The place i was to visit is fully booked! Nevertheless I had some fun!

Being away from your home country makes you vulnerable to many things. But on the other hand, it gives you a sense of self, you know what you like, what you dislike, as you are in a new environment where very few conform to your culture. You become open to learning and adapting to new culture and things. By the way, some doubt your abilities, more to that later!

As a young lad from Kenya, i moved to Europe with a quest to brighten up my future, so everyone else is. It has been a roller coaster, but no regrets at all. I appreciate the person I have become of recent.

A street performer…

Pals, as the world becomes smaller each day, you will realize there is no big difference between all of us, Black or White, Asian or African etc, the least you can do is to appreciate each other and uphold respect to each other. The pandemic has taught us a big lesson, we need each other to survive in this world. No man is an island!

My trip…

Back to my trip, am on a train, it’s getting dark, i may not have the view from my window. Let me do some quick refresh study to some IT stuff 😊

The African roaming in Europe. ✌🏾

Ndwaru Njoroge. 


Not yet, yet!

Goofing around with my friends; Silviu, Mirriam, Beni si Andrea in Brasov.

When I was a boy I dreamt of many things, among those were having a big house, a nice car, a wife and kids, we all have such dreams I believe.

I worked hard and smart as my grandma always told me that “there is knowledge gained from books and there is knowledge you are born with…” and she insisted that i should blend both to my success. Indeed what she meant was that there is knowledge and there is wisdom, and that you need both to survive in this world. Grandma, i owe you for that, continue resting easy.

Fast forward, I came to Romania, for work, almost 4 years ago. This was a tough decision to make, had both it’s pros and cons. However when i placed the same on the scale, the pros took preeminence. I went for it. Now, i don’t regret the decision i took 5 years ago!

There have been lots of learnings, and runnings too. This exposure has modeled my view of the world, widened my scope of thinking and has expanded my bag of risk taking.

This boy who turned to be a man still with the boys dreams at heart, went for what he thought would be a dream come true.

I met a lady, a fine “ghel” as they say, a beautiful woman who i did cherish and I even figured out a future with.

Indeed love is blind, I didn’t see it coming though. I guess my blinders were so tight locked. Well as they say, when your head is over the heels, nothing can stop what you wish or believe. I was in for love, for family.

But, it was not yet, yet.

God had other plans for us.

2020 was a year of joy for some, but also a year of pain to many others. The self quarantine, heart break, solitude, confusion took toll of me. I am glad not to have fallen into depression. I saw how small my circle was, yet I had thousands of virtual friends hahaing at my posts.

It was a moment of reflection, a moment of self examination.

I am glad that as i write this, what happened to me is over now. I am busy rebuilding that boy to a man that God wants. A priest to that house to be. One day at a time.

A beautiful story is still being written.

Much love,


Celebrating Easter away from home!

“Histos a in viat!” (Christ is Risen!)

“Adevarat a inviat!” (Indeed He is resurrected!)

These were the greetings on the Easter Sunday which we recently had. (28th April 2019). As you may note, it was a week later than the other Christians Easter celebrations! It is based on the Julian calendar instead of the Gregorian calendar!
The Romanians say “Paste Fericit!” meaning Happy Easter!
Here, there are a lot of traditions during the Easter period, in comparison to Kenya, my motherland.

I was struck on the way the celebrations are held dearly. On the eve of Easter all faithfuls gather in their churches and light candles which they later bring to their homes and share with the family members. The eggs are painted red or any other decorations(Have you ever asked why Easter is associated with painted eggs on images you see online?) and they prepare lamb meat (which i missed ) and some cake known as “cozonac”.

Painted eggs for Easter- (image credit- Internet)

This last Sunday my thoughts told me that business would be booming (biashara ni biashara) as people would sell the painted eggs, the cakes, the candles, the lamb meat and all that goes with Easter. I was wrong. All the shops, supermarkets, hypermarkets, restaurants were CLOSED DOWN as employees had a day off to celebrate Easter!

“Inchis” means closed!

I slept hungry! 😦

“This is not Kenya my fren, no business on Easter Sunday!…”

The next day, on an early morning i met my neighbor as i was coming from Mega Image, a supermarket, done shopping for breakfast. I shared with him my ordeal and he was like… welcome to Romania!
Afterwards, i had a bell ring on my door, my neighbor brought me some “sarmale” (a Romanian dish, my favorite!), some red painted eggs and the cake, cozonac!

Sarmale, my mouth is watery now :))

I am glad Easter came through for me finally!

“Paste Fercit!”

-Laban Ndwaru wa Njoroge.

To install Java Development Kit in window 7 (JDK 7U40)

Hello geeks,here is a short post on how to install JDK7U40 in your Windows 7 machine.

Download the java software here (http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/index.html) bearing in mind the bits in your machine. ie is it 32 or 64 bits,

If you are having a 32 bit machine,

install  ‘jdk……86’ notation,if you are using 64 bits use the ‘jdk….x64’ notation.

After download,install -run the software in your machine.

When installed,Go to your windows directory (i presuppose you are using C:\ drive).Locate java and open the JDK folder,as  below;


Copy the path.

Then go  to our computer system Environment settings;


Create a variable JAVA_HOME and paste the path on the value field.


Edit the System variables ‘path’,append this after placing a semi-colon(;)- “%JAVA_HOME%\bin”.


Apply and save the settings.

To test go to cmd prompt type- ‘javac’

More of it ….just Google!

The ABCs to the Egertonian #Fresher!

Hey there, Egerton university is the haven for you little comrade.I want to share with you a few salient tips for your survival…now that this is your 3 week!

Take a pen and don’t be a follower (i don’t want disciples),be a student.

1.Keep it Stupid Simple

Why did i start with this? In campus  you will meet a Juggernaut camaraderie-ship from fellows coming from different backgrounds.You might be tempted to follow in one of their ways and you might likely be unaware of the hood they emerge.Some from rich,middle-class or even poor backgrounds. Ladies tend to change their dressing codes and fit in the “campus garbs”.Big boys tend to plait their hair which they never did before …am talking to you.Keep it Stupid Simple.Nobody will bother you when you keep your simplicity.You are unique.

2.Focus on your Goals

Hey pal,remember when you were in high school,you were hungry of your dreams.Now there is a door of opportunity opened for you.Pursue your goals relentlessly.Let the rest be AOBs. I am about to finish campus (btw am a finalist).Here i can have a moot point on whether i have met my goals or not.Its all about focus.Be the one to achieve greatness,keep that goal .Inoculate yourself from possibility blindness.

3.Have Fun and Network

In terse,i will suggest,you are in campus,this is not High School.Thus you ought to have fun.Only if in the right manner.Here i will point out the blatantly dressed freshers i saw yesterday night heading to Kililmo. That is not fun.You are wasting your opportunity to be happy in the right way.You don’t know the dangers you expose yourself into.Then there is the mzee moja’s place at Njoks,men there’s too  no fun.

There is fun in Egerton main in so many other ways.You can visit me,you help me cook as we interact (terms and conditions applied).You can check out for a movie…or even join any of the clubs and societies.Today am in Naks having fun…i wish you came along with me.Endure the purity of thought and joy will follow you as your shadow.

A man is manacled by His thoughts and actions,they are jailer of fate-they imprison being base,they are also angels of freedom-they liberate-being noble. -Anonymous

Dear Fresher,know whether you will to put into account the above tips,nevertheless,the message is Home. #Twittertonians.

Yearning to be back for my final year-any expectations?

eger1The expedition in campus life is almost done .I have gone through many hurdles and all in all God has seen me through.Glory be to Him.Just the other day i was a fresha 🙂 So innocent with a lot of expectations.Having a crush was my first experience anyway…less of that now.Meticulous was my word while in search of education.I never had ‘free time’ but i used to ‘create time’ [even now].

God is faithful for sure,i am now yet to be back  for my last year in my course.A question in my mind begs,”Have my expectations been fulfilled? ” I wish i had the privilege to name them here but i feel i am 80% loading…Maybe the remaining 20% will be done this academic year 🙂

I do hope to achieve a Summa cum laude 🙂 yes that one,nothing is impossible when God is involved.Despite the last minute assignment handing in,the rule of camaraderie->’kupiga Iso'(ctr+c &ctr +v),missing classes[with a reason ofcourse]  etc.

Anyway i am a good student.Thus i feel i need to ‘pull up my socks’.I also  hope to be out with a Software company ,if not,be a software developer in detail.Friends this has enacted in mind after i read a book “In your Life Lie Your future”-Erick Opingo.His book elated me.I now believe in the positivity of my life,despite the past trials and failures.

Rather than keeping litany of grouses,i will rise up from my normal zone which  leads me to a comfort zone.That not withstanding , I am not ready to be a recluse.A single man and the end of campus is here…NO.What next?

Here comes a better deal , a Fresha.

Cheers comrades!

To install the Android Developer Tools (Windows 7)

[Dedicated to my friend,a CS Student at Kwara State University,Nigeria]

Oga,I presuppose that the folder that I copied to you has the following folders:

  • Eclipse
  • Ndk
  • Sdk
  • Sdk-Manager

v  Open the eclipse folder and run the eclipse setup normally.

v  If you are prompted to create a workspace, create a folder where you will store your projects in the drive of your machine.

v  Then when eclipse starts,you go to toolbar and navigate:Window->Prefferences->Android.


v  There will be a text box where you paste the computer path on where your SDK is located.

v  Then click apply and then ok.

Creating an AVD (Android Virtual Device)

v  Click on the icon shown below.


v  A window pops up, give it the details as required, specify the android API you want.

v  Click ok to save the virtual device.

Creating a new project.

v  Click on file->New project->Android Development project.

v  There you go!…a geek can try it.

If there are any challenges, just let me know…Am always ON-THE-LINE.

What!!!! Cheers fellow GSA!

A one in a lifetime Woman

“Labani nouthie kuraya…akoro ni ukwenda..”[Laban you can go far, only if you wish…] Those were the words she used to encourage me with and persuade me to get back to books and read, when I sat glued in front of  the black and white ‘Greatwall’ TV watching soaps.I loved Soap operas then. My favorite soap was ‘The Storm over Paradise’,the Mexican Soap Opera featuring the star Eric Elias and  Sara Maldonado acting as Nicholas and Amyar respectively .I honestly felt the love of Nicholas…remember? I even stole some of  his pick-up lines and tried them in High school…and they worked! Enough of the same now am changed, I hate soap operas.

Her memories are indelible in my mind. She was the first woman to share with me the secret behind every woman. No wonder she loved soap operas too. She nurtured me from her heart, never got tired of punishing me, by all means when I erred. The best thing about her, she was always forgiving. She always insisted on a man who is a hardworking,a fast man when doing his chores.I remember one day I had to run an errand for her, but I delayed returning back.When I returned she was like “Ke uthire Meru…mundurume ni mituki…”[Did you go to Meru,a man is fast…].We always considered the town,Meru as that far.

The woman who stepped in and filled the gap in my life. Raised me on behalf of my blood mother. After their divorce with my dad, when I was 7. Lobbied my dad to grant me some favors, one I can’t forget when I was in form two, she persuaded my dad to pay for me a trip to Egerton University, where I am today. That was the first time I saw the university, then I kept praying working hard to get there. The Lord is ever faithful, I am finally a student at Egerton University.

When I finished my form four, she never stopped advising me.Though old and ailing, she assured me of getting to campus, only if I was serious. She asked of me if possible, to  finish the University and bring home the degree together with  my ‘better  half’, from campus. Just like in the soaps we watched on our black and white TV. Today I thank God for He confirmed to her I was getting to the university someday. When the KCSE results were released, she was the first I shared with my grade.

Shucks, she never got to know which university I was admitted to. She passed away during the two year JAB selection period. Anyway grandma, I thought of you this morning. I know your spirit of courage will always live inside me.I give thanks to God for the time we shared together.

RIP grandma.

GSAs Gsummit2013-A Memoir #HappyDays

Egerton University GSAs
Egerton University GSAs

On Tuesday 2nd at around 12:10 pm i checked in at Southern Sun MayFair,Nairobi.Along the Westlands drive.In there I was warmly welcomed and taken to the reception. There I was given the room number 249 where I was to spend four days. Excitement filled the air, another attendant took  my bag and directed me to the room. The housekeeper was very courteous even in the way the engaged me.

GSA 2013-2014 Group
GSA 2013-2014 Group

All this was being done courtesy of Google Inc,they had organized a Google Students’ Ambassador training summit termed and hashtaged as #gsummit13.The summit was hosting more than 150 Google Student Ambassadors from different countries in Africa also from various universities. Egerton University was represented by my very own course mate Dickens Otieno and I.

My roommate was Lawal Mashal,an Oga from Nigeria.I was watching Afro-cinema live from my room …LOL.

That evening after checking in we were welcomed for a candle light dinner at  Oasis Restaurant. Here the experience was so amazing. I met different Nationalities that had checked in earlier. Kenyan will ever be Kenyans anyway…their demeanor never changes …look at a conversation I heard between two Kenyans;

Gentleman:Hi,am Geff and it’s a pleasure meeting you here…(spoke with a British English accent..);

Lady:Hi too,am Fiona from *cccccc,a University in Kenya…

Gentleman:mmmmh…Kwenda huko…!wewe ni mkenya!…(Go away…you are a Kenyan..!)

This was really fun. I too introduced myself to several…then retired to bed for the night.

Day 1.

Early next morning we had to take breakfast at Oasis Restaurant, served as buffet, then leave to Visa Oshwal Center, where our training was based. All the GSAs were gleaming in red GSA T-shirts. This was cool,meeting the Googlers and other wonderful minds in the world. I took the same for my advantage and got cosy with several…

In the evening, dinner was set to be

At Steers...Village Market
At Steers…Village Market

served at Village Market. Some of these places I normally see them in the media being advertised. I really thank God for the favor of even going there. At Steers, you had to buy anything worth equal or less than a 1000 bob. Chicken and fries were my favorite…


Again as usual, breakfast was served at Oasis Restaurant. Then we got to the buses which ferried us again to Visa Oshwal Center.The day’s event were exciting, we had talks from different Googlers,at a time we had dances to stretch up and more shwag!! followed.

Suzi Abebe from Ethiopia #HAPPYDAYS
Suzi Abebe from Ethiopia #HAPPYDAYS

The dinner that evening was at Westgate Mall, along Westlands drive.The recipe was drooling…I ate to my full.The Googlers proved to me that, to win a man’s heart, is through the stomach! That night climaxed at the Theatre, The Westgate Movies, we were to watch ‘The Internship’-a Nooglers movie. This was too awesome .By the time it was midnight, I was just tired of the day’s events.


The day’s activities started off well, ostensibly everyone looked sad…this was because this

In the summit
In the summit

was the last day for the #HappyDays Summit .Off at Visa Oshwal guys looked busy exchanging twitter, Google+ an fb contacts, for they knew some were to catch a flight early the next day. I was not left out. That’s why I write this as a memoir. I took as many as I could. That very day we also  had our first win as the Kenyan GSA team. These all happened after being given a challenge, you solve it, then post it on Google+. The team with the highest number of +1 carried the day. Kenyans tenaciously worked over and definitely won $1000!!!.[Congratulations]

Well, the climax of the whole summit finally met us, Gala night. It was hosted at Panari

Chilling with The Ethiopian Ladies
Chilling with The Ethiopian Ladies

Hotel along Mombasa road.The rule of the game was to have any traditional attire…because am proud to be an African,I wore a Maasai shirt and I was good to go. Africans outfits were awesome, this was asserted by some South African GSAs who were whites.My roommate Lawal,the Nigerian,was in their Oga Igwe outfit…this was awesome. Not to forget, the ladies from Ethiopia, they looked cute … 🙂

First I got a seat next to a lady from Uganda.That was my first achievement 🙂 then got a free dinner party thrown courtesy of Google Inc.I won’t share with you our conversation which is much promising and futurist! …anyway Nyama choma (roasted meat) was the order of the night!…then for the lovers of dance-hall, came their time,a full blown party for them.

At Gala Night dinner
At Gala Night dinner

Nyama Choma[Roasted Meat] at Gala night
Nyama Choma[Roasted Meat] at Gala night
I can’t share with you everything here in writing, because the experience at #gsummit13 was much than this. It’s a memoir that can’t be scratched out in my mind. As I pen off, the most crucial lesson that I learnt and I would like to share is that, everyone can change his/her social milieu ,it only takes you being tenacious and making pragmatic decisions…one more thing,our God is ever Faithful,He made the whole summit successful.



After my 3rd year…my expectations fulfilled?

Tweeps…oh my…isn’t the Lord so gracious?Just a week ago i was done with my third year,after hustling in campus with  submission of

Exam time::00 Minutes left
Exam time::00 Minutes left

assignments,projects,proposals,practicals,cats,exams…Aggie’s restaurant queues,bagging in and out of campus…and not to forget roommates,friends…the list is endless.

When i got to third year,i had a lot of expectations.I knew this was my academic year of ‘Jubilee’ as they said.This happens as i remembered my first crash with a med student,when i was just fresh in campus.I thought i could stalk the embers.Well,that’s a story for another blog.My expectations were high,taking Bsc Computer Science,i had a plan to put up my own company.This was to happen with the little savings i had and the bank of skills in web designing and Mobile programming. Anyway,i have a dream.I know it will finally come to pass.

I have taken all that this sem
I have taken all that this sem

The last academic year was so fair to me,I did my assignments in the last minute…(not that am lazy…am just a geek).I was able to balance code and  books.I was not caught up with any deadline.I remember the last assignment which i was forced to do…only because the ‘chepes’ in the class did,and it was not advised so by the lecturer!

I had the expectation of another degree as i graduate…you know it if you are reading this.Actually i had posed a million dollar question to someone.All this was as a fulfillment of my expectations.Well,God keeps the best for us,to add unto that, i also read somewhere written “Love waits for one thing; The right moment.“.I never lost…you can read more of what happened from my other blog (http://labanish.blogspot.com/2013/05/small-still-voicemy-own-confessions.html) *winks*.

I had the dream of once being a Google Student Ambassador,i kept an eye on the vacancies to be announced.I remember i shot so many one-minute  video pitches trying to come up with the best expressing my yearning for the same.Check out  my video(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4XKpbnkI0M).Luckily enough God heard my prayers,and i got the chance.

I have been in campus for 3 years now…i guess i can share a sober advice to any 2nd year or 1st year…take the little i can give,it can be your turning point.

  • Come,learn,appreciate and be yourself- #EgertonCampusLife
  • Take your Course seriously…let your reputation reign -i got this from the trending #twittertonians Hash tag #ShesFromFassIfShe
  • Live not to grudges,hatred to your friends…roommates,you don’t know what tomorrow brings.
  • True love waits…i hate it when i see Hollywood ladies swarming into the Buruburu hostels like chips funga!
  • Alcohol retards you!….leave it or you loose your sense!.

    Alcohol bottles littered after the end of sem
    Alcohol bottles littered after the end of sem

My next expectation is to visit #Egerton Castle,i have been in Egerton University for three years now and i have never gone there.Any offer from anyone?