The ABCs to the Egertonian #Fresher!

Hey there, Egerton university is the haven for you little comrade.I want to share with you a few salient tips for your survival…now that this is your 3 week!

Take a pen and don’t be a follower (i don’t want disciples),be a student.

1.Keep it Stupid Simple

Why did i start with this? In campus  you will meet a Juggernaut camaraderie-ship from fellows coming from different backgrounds.You might be tempted to follow in one of their ways and you might likely be unaware of the hood they emerge.Some from rich,middle-class or even poor backgrounds. Ladies tend to change their dressing codes and fit in the “campus garbs”.Big boys tend to plait their hair which they never did before …am talking to you.Keep it Stupid Simple.Nobody will bother you when you keep your simplicity.You are unique.

2.Focus on your Goals

Hey pal,remember when you were in high school,you were hungry of your dreams.Now there is a door of opportunity opened for you.Pursue your goals relentlessly.Let the rest be AOBs. I am about to finish campus (btw am a finalist).Here i can have a moot point on whether i have met my goals or not.Its all about focus.Be the one to achieve greatness,keep that goal .Inoculate yourself from possibility blindness.

3.Have Fun and Network

In terse,i will suggest,you are in campus,this is not High School.Thus you ought to have fun.Only if in the right manner.Here i will point out the blatantly dressed freshers i saw yesterday night heading to Kililmo. That is not fun.You are wasting your opportunity to be happy in the right way.You don’t know the dangers you expose yourself into.Then there is the mzee moja’s place at Njoks,men there’s too  no fun.

There is fun in Egerton main in so many other ways.You can visit me,you help me cook as we interact (terms and conditions applied).You can check out for a movie…or even join any of the clubs and societies.Today am in Naks having fun…i wish you came along with me.Endure the purity of thought and joy will follow you as your shadow.

A man is manacled by His thoughts and actions,they are jailer of fate-they imprison being base,they are also angels of freedom-they liberate-being noble. -Anonymous

Dear Fresher,know whether you will to put into account the above tips,nevertheless,the message is Home. #Twittertonians.


Author: Labanish

I am in the field of IT, currently working as a cloud architect. I have experience living and working abroad, spent some years in Romania, then relocated to the UK for work. In my spare time, you will find me biking or hiking, exploring new cities or watching my favorite sport, F1. The views expressed here are mine and do not associate to any organization. Laban.

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