To install Java Development Kit in window 7 (JDK 7U40)

Hello geeks,here is a short post on how to install JDK7U40 in your Windows 7 machine.

Download the java software here ( bearing in mind the bits in your machine. ie is it 32 or 64 bits,

If you are having a 32 bit machine,

install  ‘jdk……86’ notation,if you are using 64 bits use the ‘jdk….x64’ notation.

After download,install -run the software in your machine.

When installed,Go to your windows directory (i presuppose you are using C:\ drive).Locate java and open the JDK folder,as  below;


Copy the path.

Then go  to our computer system Environment settings;


Create a variable JAVA_HOME and paste the path on the value field.


Edit the System variables ‘path’,append this after placing a semi-colon(;)- “%JAVA_HOME%\bin”.


Apply and save the settings.

To test go to cmd prompt type- ‘javac’

More of it ….just Google!


Author: Labanish

I am in the field of IT, currently working as a cloud architect. I have experience living and working abroad, spent some years in Romania, then relocated to the UK for work. In my spare time, you will find me biking or hiking, exploring new cities or watching my favorite sport, F1. The views expressed here are mine and do not associate to any organization. Laban.

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