Not yet, yet!

Goofing around with my friends; Silviu, Mirriam, Beni si Andrea in Brasov.

When I was a boy I dreamt of many things, among those were having a big house, a nice car, a wife and kids, we all have such dreams I believe.

I worked hard and smart as my grandma always told me that “there is knowledge gained from books and there is knowledge you are born with…” and she insisted that i should blend both to my success. Indeed what she meant was that there is knowledge and there is wisdom, and that you need both to survive in this world. Grandma, i owe you for that, continue resting easy.

Fast forward, I came to Romania, for work, almost 4 years ago. This was a tough decision to make, had both it’s pros and cons. However when i placed the same on the scale, the pros took preeminence. I went for it. Now, i don’t regret the decision i took 5 years ago!

There have been lots of learnings, and runnings too. This exposure has modeled my view of the world, widened my scope of thinking and has expanded my bag of risk taking.

This boy who turned to be a man still with the boys dreams at heart, went for what he thought would be a dream come true.

I met a lady, a fine “ghel” as they say, a beautiful woman who i did cherish and I even figured out a future with.

Indeed love is blind, I didn’t see it coming though. I guess my blinders were so tight locked. Well as they say, when your head is over the heels, nothing can stop what you wish or believe. I was in for love, for family.

But, it was not yet, yet.

God had other plans for us.

2020 was a year of joy for some, but also a year of pain to many others. The self quarantine, heart break, solitude, confusion took toll of me. I am glad not to have fallen into depression. I saw how small my circle was, yet I had thousands of virtual friends hahaing at my posts.

It was a moment of reflection, a moment of self examination.

I am glad that as i write this, what happened to me is over now. I am busy rebuilding that boy to a man that God wants. A priest to that house to be. One day at a time.

A beautiful story is still being written.

Much love,