After my 3rd year…my expectations fulfilled?

Tweeps…oh my…isn’t the Lord so gracious?Just a week ago i was done with my third year,after hustling in campus with  submission of

Exam time::00 Minutes left
Exam time::00 Minutes left

assignments,projects,proposals,practicals,cats,exams…Aggie’s restaurant queues,bagging in and out of campus…and not to forget roommates,friends…the list is endless.

When i got to third year,i had a lot of expectations.I knew this was my academic year of ‘Jubilee’ as they said.This happens as i remembered my first crash with a med student,when i was just fresh in campus.I thought i could stalk the embers.Well,that’s a story for another blog.My expectations were high,taking Bsc Computer Science,i had a plan to put up my own company.This was to happen with the little savings i had and the bank of skills in web designing and Mobile programming. Anyway,i have a dream.I know it will finally come to pass.

I have taken all that this sem
I have taken all that this sem

The last academic year was so fair to me,I did my assignments in the last minute…(not that am lazy…am just a geek).I was able to balance code and  books.I was not caught up with any deadline.I remember the last assignment which i was forced to do…only because the ‘chepes’ in the class did,and it was not advised so by the lecturer!

I had the expectation of another degree as i graduate…you know it if you are reading this.Actually i had posed a million dollar question to someone.All this was as a fulfillment of my expectations.Well,God keeps the best for us,to add unto that, i also read somewhere written “Love waits for one thing; The right moment.“.I never lost…you can read more of what happened from my other blog ( *winks*.

I had the dream of once being a Google Student Ambassador,i kept an eye on the vacancies to be announced.I remember i shot so many one-minute  video pitches trying to come up with the best expressing my yearning for the same.Check out  my video( enough God heard my prayers,and i got the chance.

I have been in campus for 3 years now…i guess i can share a sober advice to any 2nd year or 1st year…take the little i can give,it can be your turning point.

  • Come,learn,appreciate and be yourself- #EgertonCampusLife
  • Take your Course seriously…let your reputation reign -i got this from the trending #twittertonians Hash tag #ShesFromFassIfShe
  • Live not to grudges,hatred to your friends…roommates,you don’t know what tomorrow brings.
  • True love waits…i hate it when i see Hollywood ladies swarming into the Buruburu hostels like chips funga!
  • Alcohol retards you!….leave it or you loose your sense!.

    Alcohol bottles littered after the end of sem
    Alcohol bottles littered after the end of sem

My next expectation is to visit #Egerton Castle,i have been in Egerton University for three years now and i have never gone there.Any offer from anyone?


Author: Labanish

I am in the field of IT, currently working as a cloud architect. I have experience living and working abroad, spent some years in Romania, then relocated to the UK for work. In my spare time, you will find me biking or hiking, exploring new cities or watching my favorite sport, F1. The views expressed here are mine and do not associate to any organization. Laban.

20 thoughts on “After my 3rd year…my expectations fulfilled?”

  1. very encouraging.l thank God for what He is doing in ur life.your future is great and glorious hence keep on moving even as u trust more in God.

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