Celebrating Easter away from home!

“Histos a in viat!” (Christ is Risen!)

“Adevarat a inviat!” (Indeed He is resurrected!)

These were the greetings on the Easter Sunday which we recently had. (28th April 2019). As you may note, it was a week later than the other Christians Easter celebrations! It is based on the Julian calendar instead of the Gregorian calendar!
The Romanians say “Paste Fericit!” meaning Happy Easter!
Here, there are a lot of traditions during the Easter period, in comparison to Kenya, my motherland.

I was struck on the way the celebrations are held dearly. On the eve of Easter all faithfuls gather in their churches and light candles which they later bring to their homes and share with the family members. The eggs are painted red or any other decorations(Have you ever asked why Easter is associated with painted eggs on images you see online?) and they prepare lamb meat (which i missed ) and some cake known as “cozonac”.

Painted eggs for Easter- (image credit- Internet)

This last Sunday my thoughts told me that business would be booming (biashara ni biashara) as people would sell the painted eggs, the cakes, the candles, the lamb meat and all that goes with Easter. I was wrong. All the shops, supermarkets, hypermarkets, restaurants were CLOSED DOWN as employees had a day off to celebrate Easter!

“Inchis” means closed!

I slept hungry! 😦

“This is not Kenya my fren, no business on Easter Sunday!…”

The next day, on an early morning i met my neighbor as i was coming from Mega Image, a supermarket, done shopping for breakfast. I shared with him my ordeal and he was like… welcome to Romania!
Afterwards, i had a bell ring on my door, my neighbor brought me some “sarmale” (a Romanian dish, my favorite!), some red painted eggs and the cake, cozonac!

Sarmale, my mouth is watery now :))

I am glad Easter came through for me finally!

“Paste Fercit!”

-Laban Ndwaru wa Njoroge.