Welcome to Laban’s take,version 2.0

@labanishHello comrades,here comes another one,Laban’s Take.Despite the challenges i face from black-hat hackers,blogging to me is a tenacious grip.As a second appearance,this blog will inform you of the various postings and development in tech,more so i will give you a geeky look of our campus,Egerton University-The world Class University,not to forget.

I will be informing  you on which resources to utilize as such a time as this when the Government of Kenya has a broad vision of making Kenya a middle-income economy dubbed Kenya Vision 2030.Keep blogging ,so that we can dub our Campus “…A world class University for advancement of Technology…”

That notwithstanding, have some few Disclaimers here:

  • I the author of the content that can be found here within can assure you, the reader that any of the opinions expressed here are my own in which i will acknowledged the author if from a shared resource.
  • I am not a grammar Student,i only understand binary,with which i do express with a fair English fluency…

Kind Regards.