Not yet, yet!

Goofing around with my friends; Silviu, Mirriam, Beni si Andrea in Brasov.

When I was a boy I dreamt of many things, among those were having a big house, a nice car, a wife and kids, we all have such dreams I believe.

I worked hard and smart as my grandma always told me that “there is knowledge gained from books and there is knowledge you are born with…” and she insisted that i should blend both to my success. Indeed what she meant was that there is knowledge and there is wisdom, and that you need both to survive in this world. Grandma, i owe you for that, continue resting easy.

Fast forward, I came to Romania, for work, almost 4 years ago. This was a tough decision to make, had both it’s pros and cons. However when i placed the same on the scale, the pros took preeminence. I went for it. Now, i don’t regret the decision i took 5 years ago!

There have been lots of learnings, and runnings too. This exposure has modeled my view of the world, widened my scope of thinking and has expanded my bag of risk taking.

This boy who turned to be a man still with the boys dreams at heart, went for what he thought would be a dream come true.

I met a lady, a fine “ghel” as they say, a beautiful woman who i did cherish and I even figured out a future with.

Indeed love is blind, I didn’t see it coming though. I guess my blinders were so tight locked. Well as they say, when your head is over the heels, nothing can stop what you wish or believe. I was in for love, for family.

But, it was not yet, yet.

God had other plans for us.

2020 was a year of joy for some, but also a year of pain to many others. The self quarantine, heart break, solitude, confusion took toll of me. I am glad not to have fallen into depression. I saw how small my circle was, yet I had thousands of virtual friends hahaing at my posts.

It was a moment of reflection, a moment of self examination.

I am glad that as i write this, what happened to me is over now. I am busy rebuilding that boy to a man that God wants. A priest to that house to be. One day at a time.

A beautiful story is still being written.

Much love,



Celebrating Easter away from home!

“Histos a in viat!” (Christ is Risen!)

“Adevarat a inviat!” (Indeed He is resurrected!)

These were the greetings on the Easter Sunday which we recently had. (28th April 2019). As you may note, it was a week later than the other Christians Easter celebrations! It is based on the Julian calendar instead of the Gregorian calendar!
The Romanians say “Paste Fericit!” meaning Happy Easter!
Here, there are a lot of traditions during the Easter period, in comparison to Kenya, my motherland.

I was struck on the way the celebrations are held dearly. On the eve of Easter all faithfuls gather in their churches and light candles which they later bring to their homes and share with the family members. The eggs are painted red or any other decorations(Have you ever asked why Easter is associated with painted eggs on images you see online?) and they prepare lamb meat (which i missed ) and some cake known as “cozonac”.

Painted eggs for Easter- (image credit- Internet)

This last Sunday my thoughts told me that business would be booming (biashara ni biashara) as people would sell the painted eggs, the cakes, the candles, the lamb meat and all that goes with Easter. I was wrong. All the shops, supermarkets, hypermarkets, restaurants were CLOSED DOWN as employees had a day off to celebrate Easter!

“Inchis” means closed!

I slept hungry! 😦

“This is not Kenya my fren, no business on Easter Sunday!…”

The next day, on an early morning i met my neighbor as i was coming from Mega Image, a supermarket, done shopping for breakfast. I shared with him my ordeal and he was like… welcome to Romania!
Afterwards, i had a bell ring on my door, my neighbor brought me some “sarmale” (a Romanian dish, my favorite!), some red painted eggs and the cake, cozonac!

Sarmale, my mouth is watery now :))

I am glad Easter came through for me finally!

“Paste Fercit!”

-Laban Ndwaru wa Njoroge.

Yearning to be back for my final year-any expectations?

eger1The expedition in campus life is almost done .I have gone through many hurdles and all in all God has seen me through.Glory be to Him.Just the other day i was a fresha 🙂 So innocent with a lot of expectations.Having a crush was my first experience anyway…less of that now.Meticulous was my word while in search of education.I never had ‘free time’ but i used to ‘create time’ [even now].

God is faithful for sure,i am now yet to be back  for my last year in my course.A question in my mind begs,”Have my expectations been fulfilled? ” I wish i had the privilege to name them here but i feel i am 80% loading…Maybe the remaining 20% will be done this academic year 🙂

I do hope to achieve a Summa cum laude 🙂 yes that one,nothing is impossible when God is involved.Despite the last minute assignment handing in,the rule of camaraderie->’kupiga Iso'(ctr+c &ctr +v),missing classes[with a reason ofcourse]  etc.

Anyway i am a good student.Thus i feel i need to ‘pull up my socks’.I also  hope to be out with a Software company ,if not,be a software developer in detail.Friends this has enacted in mind after i read a book “In your Life Lie Your future”-Erick Opingo.His book elated me.I now believe in the positivity of my life,despite the past trials and failures.

Rather than keeping litany of grouses,i will rise up from my normal zone which  leads me to a comfort zone.That not withstanding , I am not ready to be a recluse.A single man and the end of campus is here…NO.What next?

Here comes a better deal , a Fresha.

Cheers comrades!

A one in a lifetime Woman

“Labani nouthie kuraya…akoro ni ukwenda..”[Laban you can go far, only if you wish…] Those were the words she used to encourage me with and persuade me to get back to books and read, when I sat glued in front of  the black and white ‘Greatwall’ TV watching soaps.I loved Soap operas then. My favorite soap was ‘The Storm over Paradise’,the Mexican Soap Opera featuring the star Eric Elias and  Sara Maldonado acting as Nicholas and Amyar respectively .I honestly felt the love of Nicholas…remember? I even stole some of  his pick-up lines and tried them in High school…and they worked! Enough of the same now am changed, I hate soap operas.

Her memories are indelible in my mind. She was the first woman to share with me the secret behind every woman. No wonder she loved soap operas too. She nurtured me from her heart, never got tired of punishing me, by all means when I erred. The best thing about her, she was always forgiving. She always insisted on a man who is a hardworking,a fast man when doing his chores.I remember one day I had to run an errand for her, but I delayed returning back.When I returned she was like “Ke uthire Meru…mundurume ni mituki…”[Did you go to Meru,a man is fast…].We always considered the town,Meru as that far.

The woman who stepped in and filled the gap in my life. Raised me on behalf of my blood mother. After their divorce with my dad, when I was 7. Lobbied my dad to grant me some favors, one I can’t forget when I was in form two, she persuaded my dad to pay for me a trip to Egerton University, where I am today. That was the first time I saw the university, then I kept praying working hard to get there. The Lord is ever faithful, I am finally a student at Egerton University.

When I finished my form four, she never stopped advising me.Though old and ailing, she assured me of getting to campus, only if I was serious. She asked of me if possible, to  finish the University and bring home the degree together with  my ‘better  half’, from campus. Just like in the soaps we watched on our black and white TV. Today I thank God for He confirmed to her I was getting to the university someday. When the KCSE results were released, she was the first I shared with my grade.

Shucks, she never got to know which university I was admitted to. She passed away during the two year JAB selection period. Anyway grandma, I thought of you this morning. I know your spirit of courage will always live inside me.I give thanks to God for the time we shared together.

RIP grandma.