Yearning to be back for my final year-any expectations?

eger1The expedition in campus life is almost done .I have gone through many hurdles and all in all God has seen me through.Glory be to Him.Just the other day i was a fresha 🙂 So innocent with a lot of expectations.Having a crush was my first experience anyway…less of that now.Meticulous was my word while in search of education.I never had ‘free time’ but i used to ‘create time’ [even now].

God is faithful for sure,i am now yet to be back  for my last year in my course.A question in my mind begs,”Have my expectations been fulfilled? ” I wish i had the privilege to name them here but i feel i am 80% loading…Maybe the remaining 20% will be done this academic year 🙂

I do hope to achieve a Summa cum laude 🙂 yes that one,nothing is impossible when God is involved.Despite the last minute assignment handing in,the rule of camaraderie->’kupiga Iso'(ctr+c &ctr +v),missing classes[with a reason ofcourse]  etc.

Anyway i am a good student.Thus i feel i need to ‘pull up my socks’.I also  hope to be out with a Software company ,if not,be a software developer in detail.Friends this has enacted in mind after i read a book “In your Life Lie Your future”-Erick Opingo.His book elated me.I now believe in the positivity of my life,despite the past trials and failures.

Rather than keeping litany of grouses,i will rise up from my normal zone which  leads me to a comfort zone.That not withstanding , I am not ready to be a recluse.A single man and the end of campus is here…NO.What next?

Here comes a better deal , a Fresha.

Cheers comrades!


Author: Labanish

I am in the field of IT, currently working as a cloud architect. I have experience living and working abroad, spent some years in Romania, then relocated to the UK for work. In my spare time, you will find me biking or hiking, exploring new cities or watching my favorite sport, F1. The views expressed here are mine and do not associate to any organization. Laban.

5 thoughts on “Yearning to be back for my final year-any expectations?”

  1. Eti fresha! K. Fresha or not doesn’t seem to be the solution. They all become the same after months of doing away with naivety. So fukuza ukapera without considering the year(Not that I have any1 in mind for you bro). Wish u the best in finding active bluetooth ‘devices’ in range.

  2. Hahaha, it’s a lovely article, it’s good to hear that you are missing classes with a reason. I understand, but please go slow on your last year because you need not make a mistake. Blessings bro!

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