GSAs Gsummit2013-A Memoir #HappyDays

Egerton University GSAs
Egerton University GSAs

On Tuesday 2nd at around 12:10 pm i checked in at Southern Sun MayFair,Nairobi.Along the Westlands drive.In there I was warmly welcomed and taken to the reception. There I was given the room number 249 where I was to spend four days. Excitement filled the air, another attendant took  my bag and directed me to the room. The housekeeper was very courteous even in the way the engaged me.

GSA 2013-2014 Group
GSA 2013-2014 Group

All this was being done courtesy of Google Inc,they had organized a Google Students’ Ambassador training summit termed and hashtaged as #gsummit13.The summit was hosting more than 150 Google Student Ambassadors from different countries in Africa also from various universities. Egerton University was represented by my very own course mate Dickens Otieno and I.

My roommate was Lawal Mashal,an Oga from Nigeria.I was watching Afro-cinema live from my room …LOL.

That evening after checking in we were welcomed for a candle light dinner at  Oasis Restaurant. Here the experience was so amazing. I met different Nationalities that had checked in earlier. Kenyan will ever be Kenyans anyway…their demeanor never changes …look at a conversation I heard between two Kenyans;

Gentleman:Hi,am Geff and it’s a pleasure meeting you here…(spoke with a British English accent..);

Lady:Hi too,am Fiona from *cccccc,a University in Kenya…

Gentleman:mmmmh…Kwenda huko…!wewe ni mkenya!…(Go away…you are a Kenyan..!)

This was really fun. I too introduced myself to several…then retired to bed for the night.

Day 1.

Early next morning we had to take breakfast at Oasis Restaurant, served as buffet, then leave to Visa Oshwal Center, where our training was based. All the GSAs were gleaming in red GSA T-shirts. This was cool,meeting the Googlers and other wonderful minds in the world. I took the same for my advantage and got cosy with several…

In the evening, dinner was set to be

At Steers...Village Market
At Steers…Village Market

served at Village Market. Some of these places I normally see them in the media being advertised. I really thank God for the favor of even going there. At Steers, you had to buy anything worth equal or less than a 1000 bob. Chicken and fries were my favorite…


Again as usual, breakfast was served at Oasis Restaurant. Then we got to the buses which ferried us again to Visa Oshwal Center.The day’s event were exciting, we had talks from different Googlers,at a time we had dances to stretch up and more shwag!! followed.

Suzi Abebe from Ethiopia #HAPPYDAYS
Suzi Abebe from Ethiopia #HAPPYDAYS

The dinner that evening was at Westgate Mall, along Westlands drive.The recipe was drooling…I ate to my full.The Googlers proved to me that, to win a man’s heart, is through the stomach! That night climaxed at the Theatre, The Westgate Movies, we were to watch ‘The Internship’-a Nooglers movie. This was too awesome .By the time it was midnight, I was just tired of the day’s events.


The day’s activities started off well, ostensibly everyone looked sad…this was because this

In the summit
In the summit

was the last day for the #HappyDays Summit .Off at Visa Oshwal guys looked busy exchanging twitter, Google+ an fb contacts, for they knew some were to catch a flight early the next day. I was not left out. That’s why I write this as a memoir. I took as many as I could. That very day we also  had our first win as the Kenyan GSA team. These all happened after being given a challenge, you solve it, then post it on Google+. The team with the highest number of +1 carried the day. Kenyans tenaciously worked over and definitely won $1000!!!.[Congratulations]

Well, the climax of the whole summit finally met us, Gala night. It was hosted at Panari

Chilling with The Ethiopian Ladies
Chilling with The Ethiopian Ladies

Hotel along Mombasa road.The rule of the game was to have any traditional attire…because am proud to be an African,I wore a Maasai shirt and I was good to go. Africans outfits were awesome, this was asserted by some South African GSAs who were whites.My roommate Lawal,the Nigerian,was in their Oga Igwe outfit…this was awesome. Not to forget, the ladies from Ethiopia, they looked cute … 🙂

First I got a seat next to a lady from Uganda.That was my first achievement 🙂 then got a free dinner party thrown courtesy of Google Inc.I won’t share with you our conversation which is much promising and futurist! …anyway Nyama choma (roasted meat) was the order of the night!…then for the lovers of dance-hall, came their time,a full blown party for them.

At Gala Night dinner
At Gala Night dinner

Nyama Choma[Roasted Meat] at Gala night
Nyama Choma[Roasted Meat] at Gala night
I can’t share with you everything here in writing, because the experience at #gsummit13 was much than this. It’s a memoir that can’t be scratched out in my mind. As I pen off, the most crucial lesson that I learnt and I would like to share is that, everyone can change his/her social milieu ,it only takes you being tenacious and making pragmatic decisions…one more thing,our God is ever Faithful,He made the whole summit successful.




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