Android Tutorial 1-installing the ADT Bundle-Android

androidHello geeks. Hope you guys are enthusiastic. I am going to take you through a series of simplified tutorials to help you develop in android. Android is #open source, I won’t dwell on the theory part of the same. My tutorials are in reference to windows operating system. Ready?



  • Eclipse (The IDE)
  • Android SDK
  • Android AVD
  • Android  ADT

Remember ,your machine has to be configured with java ie.Java JRE and JDK must be configured in your machine. Not having the same? Relax.Follow this tutorial to brush up!

IDE-integrated development unit. This helps in developing the apps.Gives you the recommended methods and helps you compile the code.

Android sdk- this package is ‘attached ’ to eclipse to help us run android code.That’s the least I can explain.

Android AVD-(Android Virtual Device) will allows us to test our Android apps on an emulator (or a virtual device) which comes in handy if we don’t have an actually android device to do our testing on

Android ADT-extends the capabilities of eclipse to enable you to quickly set up android projects.

ADT bundle software comes with all the above!

Get started…

To create a new project in Eclipse IDE,click on file>>new>>project>>android.

  • Give the project a name…
  • Set the build target-which platform you use ie (Android 2.3)
  • App name
  • Package name-let this be unique.
  • Create the activity-ie.startingPoint
  • Finish!

Watch out for the next tutorial as we establish a new project in android.



Author: Labanish

I am in the field of IT, currently working as a cloud architect. I have experience living and working abroad, spent some years in Romania, then relocated to the UK for work. In my spare time, you will find me biking or hiking, exploring new cities or watching my favorite sport, F1. The views expressed here are mine and do not associate to any organization. Laban.

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